Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Day Cookies for Haters

Some people really hate Valentine's Day. It depends on the situation, I guess. Lucky You if you've never been through a high school Valentine's Day without a special someone and had to see all the other people get Candy- or Flower-Grams (do they still do that? Am I old??).

These are for the heartbroken, the hateful, the sarcastic, the jaded, the jilted, the bitter, the giver who never gets. For people who want to stab someone in the eyes if they see one more stuffed Teddy bear. These, my friends, are cookies for haters. (I have to admit I am not a total hater and made about 3 "I Love You" cookies.)

These cookies are a more tasty rendition of those awful chalk conversation hearts. I think if you give one of those to someone that you may as well say how you really feel, as opposed to making them eat something that disgusting. I also had to play up the "C U L8R" type phrases, because I am a big hater of those, as well.

Have to give credit where credit is due. This recipe is from VeganCore!

Icings (2)

The spreadable icing was just a small amount of margarine creamed, then sifted powdered sugar and soymilk to a spreadable but thin consistency.

The piping is more margarine, and powdered sugar, with a touch of soymilk. You don't want a buttercream. You want a denser, but workable icing.

I work in a cafe and made these so I had to keep them pg-13, but you could be totally horrible with them. I have included some phrases for your convenience.

I Hate U Lol
4 Get My #
Go Away
U Suck
U Smell
Luv Sux
Table 4 One
Stop Calling
U R Nauseating
So Much Hate
You'll Do
Go Away Plz
Don't Txt Me
Better Off Alone
Let's Not
Die <3
Not Ur Boo
Brazen Hussy
You? Wtf
Cry Baby
Get Over It
Hell No
Don't Miss U


the vegan blog tracker said...

Oh wow, those are brilliant! Dang, I'm making those for a Valentine's Day party I'm having.

VeggieGirl said...

haha!! those cookies are too fun :0)

Veggie Cookster said...

Your cookies are adorable! LOVE 'EM! Like the "Brazen Hussy" one, LOL :)

Emmie said...

I love them! They're so great :D

Now I just wish I had someone to throw hateful valentines cookies at.