Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pumpkin Bread

Oh my gosh. So good. Not my recipe. It's from FatFreeVegan

I had a can of pumpkin left over (my cat had to have some) and I really didn't know what to do with it. I figured I'd make some pumpkin bread and it would be edible, and just okay. Well, this stuff was DELICIOUS. It's so moist (I hate that word) and good. I did do it with the oil
I topped it with (probably 1/2 recipe) of the Cream Cheese icing from VCTOTW, except it had lemon extract instead of vanilla (you can also just add the same amount of lemon, so it will taste like both lemon and vanilla.)

My omni co-workers raved about it. I'm not blowing my own horn. I am just saying.


Liz² said...

okay, I must go buy pumpkin today, I think it's determined. I gotta sink my teeth into this one!

Destiny's Vegan Kitchen said...

I also feel weird about the word "moist" but sometimes it's necessary. This looks deliciously damp. Okay, that's not any better! :o)

About my super-dorky pot pie comments, I think you hadn't approved the first one, so I thought my wonky internet had caused it to float away into cyberspace. Then I posted a new one, only to see the first one there as well. Sorry about that!

Alicia said...

This looks so good. There are so many yummy pumpki recipes floating around now-a-days. Now I can see why my co-op was completely out of pumpkin puree.