Friday, March 06, 2009

Choco-tini Fuerte

This is a strong chocolate martini. It makes 3-4 drinks. You can thin it out with more soy milk or ice.
By "shot glasses" I mean the small glass shot glasses that are sold as a pack of 4. Each= 3 Tbsp/ 1.5 oz at the brim.

4 shot glasses vodka (nothing cheaper than Smirnoff or you will be sorry tomorrow)
2 shot glass Kahlua
1 shot glass chocolate syrup
3 shot glasses soy milk
8 ice cubes

Blend in a blender on High and serve. For service as shown, hold a martini glass and rotate while gently squeezing chocolate syrup so it comes out in a thin line. You can also put syrup in a saucer, then dip the rim of the glass in the syrup then in cocoa powder for maximum chocolate flavor.

Don't go crazy. PLEASE get a designated driver if you drink! I don't want you hurting anyone. This is for people who are of legal drinking age.


Sarah said...

oh yes please!!

JENNA said...

oh pamela! that is one of the best things i've seen all day!

chocolate angel said...

woohoo! dranks!!guess what i'm making this weekend ;)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

heck yes.

pixiepine said...

mmm purty!

allicia said...

I need to get some vodka. I just have some weird apple flavored one that I can't use in anything because it's gross.