Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dog Chewies

I recently purchased a used Excalibur Food Dehydrator at a really reasonable price. This is the first thing I made!

Doggie #1 wrestling chewy away from me. I couldn't even get Doggie #2 to take a picture!

All it is is dehydrated sweet potatoes, but they are really good!

I do not have a mandolin or other food slicer, so I made them into little chips. If you have a food slicer, the chewies would be more like "real" chewies by cutting them lengthwise.

These can be raw but technically I do not think they are since I set the temperature to a higher setting so they would dry faster. Do not dry them all the way, leave a little "give".

Both of my dogs are vegetarian*, 99%vegan, so we do not feed rawhide. Both dogs were ambushing me for 2nds and 3rds. Even if your dogs are not vegetarian, they will enjoy these!

*Having a happy, healthy vegetarian dog is easy. There are commercially available dog foods in larger Pet store (right now I would suggest Petco over Petsmart, as Petsmart is using glue traps and generally treating the animals there horribly, according to Peta). My dogs are on a mix of Natural Balance and V-Dog.

Neither of these companies tests on animals, like other brands such as Iams (warning- graphic pictures at Iams site). My dogs are happy, healthy, energetic, and have soft, shiny fur. We're very happy with their diet.


PonderingWillow said...

That's Pepe, right? He's super cute, and super lucky to have a mommy like you.


KleoPatra said...

Hi there, P!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, i am really enjoying yours...

That photo of yer doggie is adorable... i love that yer pups're vegetarian and 99 percent vegan. Mine is too! Hooray!

i'd love to get a dehydrator and make some of these sweet po chips... no rawhide for my girl either...

Hope to hear and read more from you...

Have a stellar veggie weekend!!


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Those chips are fascinating! I look forward to seeing what else you dry.

PamelaCooks said...

Hehe- yes that is Pepe and actually the chewies are decent..I have had a few!

Amanda said...

Hiya Pamela! Mad props to raising two veggie doggies. Thanks for links and info, I am going to make my babies into little vegetarians too.