Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pad Thai with Jaime

My friend Jaime came over last night and we made Pad Thai. I showed her how I make it and I did the prep, she made the sauce and did the actual stir-frying. It was really fun and really good! The recipe is from VwaV and I make this dish a lot. It is just such a good dish that it in itself is reason enough to buy the book.

Later we had a few drinks and watched Napoleon Dynamite. Silly girls.


Finished Dish

Yummy! This makes a lot so if there are only 2 people, you may want to do 1/2 since you have to make it in 2 batches anyway..just make one batch. We made the entire recipe so she could take some home and we had leftovers for lunch today.


VeggieGirl said...

I have yet to try Pad Thai, but this recipe and photo alone make me want to try it right away! yum!

Vegetation said...

I too need to get out my VwaV and give this a go! I'm thinking dinner tomorrow night, it looks scrumptious!