Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Smoky Cream of Mushroom Soup

I got this recipe idea from Paula Deen (gasp! I know!). My version has a little less fat and a different mushroom combo. Button mushroom were 2 for 1 (score) at the grocery store, and I got these oyster mushrooms at the Asian Market 6oz./$2. I have never used oyster mushrooms before today so it was fun.


2 Tbsp olive oil (plus 1 Tbsp. for additional cooking)
1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke
1/2 cup chopped sweet onions
16 oz. button mushrooms** rough chopped
6 oz. oyster mushrooms** rough chopped
1-2 cloves chopped garlic
2 Tbsp white wine
4 cups vegan "chicken" stock, or vegetable stock , with 1/4 c. reserved
2 Tbsp. cornstarch
1/4 cup good vegan margarine
1/4 cup flour
1 cup Silk creamer (Plain, not flavoured)
1 cup soy milk/other plain-flavoured non-dairy milk
Salt and pepper
Croutons, vegan sour cream, sliced chives/green onion, for garnish (opt)

**You can use whatever combination of mushrooms that you like

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Combine 2 Tbsp. olive oil and liquid smoke. Toss 1/2 (or a little more than half)of the mushrooms (1/2 the oyster, 1/2 the button) in oil mixture and roast them in the oven for approximately 30-40 minutes.

In a large pot, saute the onions in remaining 1 Tbsp. olive oil. Once onions are sauteed, add the other 1/2 (uncooked, chopped) mushrooms and garlic. After mushrooms and garlic are cooked add roasted mushrooms, white wine and broth and allow to simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and place mixture in blender. Please be very careful and allow to cool slightly. Pulse in blender with lid on but keep a vent for the steam! OR you can just use an immersion blender in the pot.

Mix cornstarch and reserved 1/4 cup (cooled) broth in a small cup. Set aside.

Make a roux with the margarine/flour in a separate pan. To do this, melt the margarine, then add the flour and mix all the lumps out. This is a white roux, which means you aren't going to cook it too long.

Blend in soy creamer/milk to the roux mixture and continue to heat until warm and smooth. It's not necessary to cook until hot. Place soup mixture back in pot (if using immersion blender, soup will already be in the pot) on stove and add roux/cream. Let simmer for 20 minutes. Add the cornstarch/broth mixture in the last 5 minutes if you feel it's not thick enough*. You can add half and see if it's thick enough. Remember corn starch doesn't thicken fully until it comes to a boil.

Garnish with croutons, sour cream, sliced chives, salt, pepper, and fresh thyme (optional). I garnished with cilantro only because we are out of green onions. Use the onions or chives!

*Never add cornstarch to a pot of hot liquid, as it can clump and ruin what you are making. Dissolve it in a liquid then add to the hot liquid.


VeggieGirl said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. No, I'm not from the PPK - that would be so much fun!! I love all the talented vegan cooks over there!!

Haha, that's funny what you said about this recipe being adapted from Paula Deen - as much as I LOOOOVE the Food Network and chefs, I cringe at the "vegan-unfriendly" ingredients that go into recipes that could EASILY be vegan!! Hopefully there will be a vegan chef on FN in the near future - You adapted the recipe quite well, bravo!

KleoPatra said...

Oh yeah, baby, i'm so all about smokey, creamy and shrooms. Life is good with this kind of soup. THANKS for sharing. And also, the word of caution at the bottom. i never knew, so thanks for the nooz, Pamela. Great stuff, gracias.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

The garnish looks great! Very restaurant (cookbook photo!) quality here.