Saturday, June 16, 2007

Brown Rice Sushi, Hot and Sour Soup, Almost-Raw Donut Holes

Last night I had brown rice sushi for the fisrt time (I am used to white rice). One roll was Tofutti Cream Cheese/Roasted Red Pepper/Teriyaki mushrooms, the other was avocado/cucumber. I also made the Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup from Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson. Boyfriend isn't a soup fan but he loves this soup.

The dont/doughnut holes were actually really good! They are from Ani Phyo I didn't have raw almonds (beyond my means at the Health Food Store..I got roasted almonds in the bulk bun at the regular grocery. That means this dish is not raw. Every other part of it is, though!


KleoPatra said...



The hot & sour soup also whets the appetite. Good stuff there with the sushi as well. Wonderful!

Lori said...

that hot and sour soup looks incredible! is there anyway i could get you to send me the recipe? i have been craving it for about 8 years, as i have never been able to find a suitable vegan alternative... :(
i love your blog, awesome recipes!